SplitFish FragFX Shark

FragFX Shark

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  • Код товара: 1049
  • Модель: FFXS17
  • Гарантия: 6 мес. 


Fully wireless controller - successor of the famous FragFX Shark PS3 series - is your weapon for all FPS and 3rd person shooter games. One of the most easy to use and intuitive controllers ever designed specifically for the Playstation 4 (incl. Pro, Slim etc). The FragFX Shark PS4 gives you that same PC style game-play on the PS4 and doubles as an optimized mouse for PS Home and Browser navigation. Be faster, more accurate; and it is even easier to use than a standard controller. You can dynamically program the motion and adjust the mouse sensitivity - making the FragFX Shark PS4 a truly intelligent controller.